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Building Committee

Canopy Rental


Sign Rental

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District Officers

President: Kathy Zubok - 313-622-0648

Vice President: Danielle Bergeron - 313-402-4952

Treasurer: Erin Keem - 313-585-9023

Secretary: Anne Gautreau - 313-561-4605

Standing Members: Jenny Neill and Lori Wyatt 

Member-at-Large: Sienna Saylor - 248-217-1292

Neighborhood Liaison: 
John Cascardo


Building Committee (contact before seeking city permits for exterior work)

Tom Kakos, 313-282-9310

District's Party Tent / Canopy Rental

15x15 Party Tents for only $25/day.  Available to FHHD residents. Call Cindy 587-2461 to reserve


District's Sign Rental

Large wooden signs for placing on your front lawn are available for These include: 
Clown signs for birthdays
Stork signs for birth announcements, ("It's a boy/girl"). Just released signs are a Teddy Bear and Ballerina. 
To use one, call
Erika Morrison (585-1170) 
Note: Sign usage is now free.


Ford Homes Merchandise

Pat Johnson, Nona St, 791-0071


Welcome Packets for New District Residents

The welcome committee passes out information and gifts to new residents. If you know of a new neighbor or are a new neighbor who hasn’t received one, please call the respective person below:

Francis – Angie Mohr, mohrangie@Hotmail.com or facebook

Beech – Lori Williams-Wyatt, 701-8988

Military – Paul Hutchison, 629-6919

Nona – Pat Johnson, 791-0071

Gregory – Jenny Neil, 274-5157

Park – Erin Keem, 585-9023

Edison – Open (call Pat from Nona instead)

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